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Maps for Garmin navigation devices

Owning a Garmin device is a wonderful thing. Without having installed maps on the Garmin device, it is always nice to know where you are, but it is rather unpleasant not to see where the journey is going and what there is to discover in the immediate vicinity.

Here hike-and-bike supports you with maps of selected countries and areas.

The data of these maps are based on the 'OpenStreetMap' project (see also Wikipedia: OpenStreetMap)
These maps are expressly not topographical maps but maps with terrain contours for the leisure sector.

The maps from hike-and-bike contain a wealth of information for orientation, finding streets, places and objects, so-called 'Point of Interest (POI)'.


Hike-and-bike maps are routing capable. That means, you can create a travel plan in 'BaseCamp' or 'MapSource'. However, the quality of travel planning is largely dependent on the software used ('BaseCamp' or 'MapSource') and the data quality of 'OpenStreetMap'.


Hike-and-bike currently provides maps with one layer. Hike-and-bike dispenses with special layers with routes for cycling, mountain biking, hiking and ski tours, since the effort involved is disproportionately high and attractive routes are freely available on the Internet as GPS tracks.

Map content

  • Routable paths and roads.
  • Points of interests (POI), e.g. tourist points, campsites, churches and public buildings, restaurants, water sources and shopping opportunities.
  • Terrain contours, height information on peaks and other geographical points.
  • Terrain shading to visualize heights and depths.
  • Nature reserves, zoos and other interesting areas.


The hike-and-bike maps are updated approximately every two months. An update with a shorter interval makes little sense, since the underlying data as a whole only change marginally.


The installation of the maps is explained on the following page: Installation of the maps