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Hike-and-bike maps scope and areas

Hike-and-bike offers maps for Garmin navigation devices for many countries. These are particularly suitable for navigation and use with GPS devices in leisure activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking or for planning with BaseCamp or MapSource.

Hike-and-bike maps are particularly useful in mountainous or hilly areas because they show terrain elevation and contain a variety of information such as roads, street names, trails, rivers, lakes, contour lines, hill shading and other natural features, as well as POIs (Points of interests).

Specially designed for hikers and cyclists, these maps contain detailed information about hiking and biking trails, campsites and other important POIs.

Hike-and-bike maps are perfect for various activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking, geocaching, or just for nature lovers in general.

Hike-and-bike currently offers maps for the following countries and regions: